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Healing testimony

Learn More. Get connected! Join Today! When I was one year old, I was supposed to die. The doctor knew there was nothing he could do to change it.

Five months, three times a week my mother took me for treatments to temporarily relieve my pain. Will you pray for this baby? The next day, my parents began to notice that things had changed. There is nothing wrong with him. This has to have been something God did. I tell that story for two reasons. When I was three years old, I contracted polio. Polio was then like cancer is today—there were great epidemics, hundreds of thousands of people afflicted.

It was happening to thousands of children, and I too became afflicted. My parents took me to the doctor who examined me. Every time I tried to walk, I fell down. The doctor got mad. They called and asked our pastor, Dr. Watson Teaford, if they could bring me over. There I was anointed with oil and prayed for. After they prayed for me, my parents asked Dr.

Teaford what they should do next. First take Jack home and let him lay down and go to sleep. Take him home and let him lay down and go to sleep. Later, my father accepted an invitation to attend a church service where he and my mother received the Lord. These are not stories of individual healings; all of these are cases where large groups came to Jesus and every time it says, He healed them all.Healing testimonies and miracle stories of the supernatural healing power of Jesus are now becoming a common and documented phenomenon around the world today.

Personal healing testimonies of ordinary, everyday people, from around the world, who have been healed by Jesus are of great benefit, inspiration and encouragement to other people So I invite and encourage the visitors to this website who have been healed by the supernatural healing power of Jesus Christ to share your healing testimonies with us here on JesusHealingPowerToday.

If you already have a personal miracle story of Jesus' healing power Or, once you are healed by Jesus after discovering and applying the information on this website Please share your healing testimonies with us.

We all want to hear them! The healing testimonies you send in will be posted in this section of the website, to inspire and encourage others for their healing. Complete the Content Form below to submit Your Healing Testimonies Here online: your written text, along with your photos, and your name, will be posted on this webpage.

Do you have a miracle healing testimony about how Jesus healed you? Share it! If you've been healed by Jesus, you've definitely got a story to tell the world about the healing power of Jesus today. So Shout Out! And send us your healing testimonies to encourage others. Close Help. Entering your story is easy to do. Just type! Your story will appear as a Webpage on this site. TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph Note: The Wordcount of your healing story must be a Minimum of words and Maximum of words.

Do you have some pictures to add? For example, before and after photos of your healing. Click the button and find the first one on your computer. Select it and click on the button to choose it. Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Click here to upload more images optional. Your Name. Your Location. I am at least 16 years of age. I understand and accept the privacy policy.On Christmas DayI had spontaneous hearing loss in my left ear. Physicians said it was due to either an inner ear infection or inner ear stroke, and there Encounter Ministries.

The overall fruit of the conference for me has been an increased confidence to step out in faith in response to the promptings of the Spirit. As a seminarian on From the time I was 13 years old I suffered with lower back pain. Then after 2 pregnancies it really became bad. I learned to be very careful with my On Nov. Because of left knee pain and limited stamina, I did During the Encounter School of Healing, I asked for prayer over my eyes since I have a history of glaucoma and macular degenration.

As a result, I felt the joy I just wanted to share my testimony from the Catholic charismatic renewal conference in Scranton the first weekend of August — the only reason I went was because I saw My daughter Raegan, who is now 14 months old, was born with a rare medical condition called Septo-Optic Dysplasia. The manifestations of this condition can vary, but essentially her pituitary The healing service at St.

Both of my sisters were healed! My sister Monica had just found out on Wednesday that her I attended the healing service at St. Gonyeau on Sept. I was invited by my friend, Patty to attend the Encounter School of Healing. It was a Divine Providence weekend for me. Friday night as Fr. Patrick prayed for the When I first sought help, the diagnosis was not a familiar On the closing of the second day of the Pacific Northwest Conference, the leaders held a Words of Healing and Wisdom group prayer. The five ministers were calling out sicknesses At the service in the Seattle area, Patrick had a word of knowledge that a right achilles tendon and foot would be healed.

The healing took place while I slept I went to a healing ministry at St. This healing is something that I believe started during Ministry school but happened during the conference. We value the power of testimony and we choose to celebrate the stories of what God is doing.For questions regarding product orders, donations, or for prayer, call us at Do you know that healing is part of God's love for you?

Do you find it difficult to believe that God wants you well? You may be suffering personally or perhaps watching a loved one endure sickness and pain. Have you concluded that God must be allowing this to happen, or worse, that He caused it? Matthew describes, When evening had come, they brought to [Jesus] many who were demon-possessed.

healing testimony

And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: "He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. First Peter says, Who Himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness—by whose stripes you were healed.

New King James Version. These are just two of many scriptures that clearly indicate it is God's will to heal us. In fact, they assure us that healing is already an accomplished work, rooted in the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The goal of Andrew Wommack Ministries is to share the truth of what God's unconditional love and grace have provided, and physical healing is a big part of that provision. The truth of God's Word about healing is available many ways throughout this ministry so that you can truly understand that God wants you well! Imagine a place that not only teaches biblical truths about healing but also empowers people to walk in healing and minister it to others.

Healing School provides a place where believers can apply God's Word and witness miraculous results. Or they believe that sometimes God can heal, but they never really know when that time is.

So, we wanted to provide an atmosphere for people to be able to come and jump into the Word and find out what God really says about healing. Healing School was launched inwith its first prayer ministry training class beginning in March of that year. Since then, thousands have been trained in how to pray for the sick according to the New Covenant. Seasoned ministers and speakers at the school include:. Although guests often travel long distances to attend Healing School on campus, God's healing power is not limited to onsite sessions.

People have also received their healing online through viewing either the live stream or the archives. Healing School is in session most Thursdays at 1 p. If you live nearby, join us in Woodland Park!

Launched in to provide help and encouragement to those in need, our Phone Ministry receives hundreds of thousands of calls annually.

healing testimony

This vital arm of the ministry is staffed with trained prayer ministers who pray with callers with every kind of need, including encouragement, peace, healing, deliverance, or financial provision, as well as with those calling in to receive salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. In response to their prayers, our phone ministers regularly receive testimonies of miraculous healings, breakthroughs, and divine intervention in the lives of the people they have prayed for.This section is a collection of personal testimonies of healing and deliverance that this ministry has been personally involved in.

Some of these healing and deliverances have been very dramatic and we feel that you can take the same battle advice that was given to many of these people and use it to war against whatever adverse situations you may be dealing with on your end. Forgiveness is widely accepted as a central doctrine of Christianity.

My Personal Testimony of Healing

God is a just, but forgiving Father, who sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins so that we could be forgiven of them. And because we are forgiven of our sins, we are cleansed and become presentable to the Father as His children.

Here is one penned by my hand, inspired by the Word of God and His love for me — and for all the World. My Child, If there was one thing that I would ask of you today, it would […]. As a Christian and a lover of our Lord Jesus Christ, she would always look for and take advantage of any opportunities to share the gift of salvation with those who needed to hear it.

She had few friends, but […]. Her son had autism and he just received a very dramatic healing from the Lord. Since I know there may be many of you out there who may […]. For those of you who believe in the power of pleading the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection, we just received a very good testimony from a woman in S. Long story short, she received a very strong unction from the Lord one day to walk around her house and plead the blood […]. One of the more frequent type of emails we have received over the years since we have been online is from married couples, where one of the spouses has left the other one for another partner.

The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home. Awhile back ago, we had received a very powerful testimony from a 51 year old deaf woman who had fell into heavy drug usage, along with experimenting with different parts of the New Age Movement. As a result of falling into these two extreme death traps, she drew very heavy demonic activity into her life.

We just recently received an email from a woman by the name of Rose. She had found our site, read some of our testimonies, and wrote in letting us know that she wanted to share two powerful testimonies she had several years earlier with the Lord. In both of these incredible testimonies, she got caught […].

Stage IV Cancer Healed!

Since we have opened up this site, we have received many good testimonials from people all around the world. Since these kinds of testimonials keep coming into our site on a regular basis, we thought we would create a separate page putting some of them out for you so you can see some of the […]. This story happened about 8 years ago.

healing testimony

What happened to this woman could happen to anyone of us at anytime. We live in a very litigious claims conscious society. People and unscrupulous attorneys are filing lawsuits on the most insane things. All you have to do is watch the regular news to see some of […]. Many in our world today are suffering from depression. The number one selling prescription drug for the last several years has been antidepressants.

healing testimony

There are millions of Americans battling this problem. With some of these cases, thoughts and compulsions of suicide are quite common. And demons are only too anxious to move in for an […]. As God is my witness, everything that you will read in this account happened just as described. Shannon has given me permission to release this story on our website if it will […]. Per all of the articles that we have done on how to Plead the Blood of Jesus, how to form out battle prayers, and how to stand in the gap and be willing to go into intercessory prayer to save someone else from falling off the end of a cliff — below is a dramatic […].

I just had another real good story called in once more showing the unbelievable power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus against something specific. A woman I used to work with called this in. When she first told me about it, I had no intentions on passing this story around due to the very personal […].In the yearwe raised our son, Marcos from the dead!

And supernaturally received a new heart, lungs, kidneys, and a new brain by faith. She had contracted polio as a child and it crippled her, then when she was a little older she had an accident where she went though a window and the glass cut her down to her bone. And the other health issue was she had a torn rotary cuff.

Stories & Testimonies of God's Amazing Power

This little girl suffered for 8 years from epilepsy. Her grandparents brought her to a healing service in where she was delivered and healed supernaturally. In Margie, from Hendersonville, TN was healed from tendinitis of the shoulder and is pain free to this day. I just believed with all my heart that I was healed and that was in And I am still out of the wheelchair! In I took a fall and everything was in pain and swelling up.

My ankles, wrists, hands, thumbs, back, backside, and bottom. My hand and thumb were instantly swelling and I could see the black and blue marks forming. This lovely Guatemalan couple was unable to conceive a child. As I ministered healing to them I was impressed to share a Word from the Lord for them.

Is anything too difficult for our God? By faith, our son, Andres has been delivered and healed from autism. It sounded like someone was crumpling up a piece of newspaper, but the sound was in my sinuses. Then suddenly it was like a strong gust went through my sinuses and I could breathe like I never have before! God cares about your well-being. InMargie suffered from tooth and gum disease but was instantly healed by faith. But Grandma believed God and reached out for a prayer of faith for a miracle.

Incancer had eaten away at her hip and she could not walk, immediately after I placed healing hands upon her, and renounced this disease and the damage it had done she bent over, squatted and danced for joy. Even with extra help from her teachers, this little girl was unable to read. Her parents noting that she was especially sad about it encouraged her to pray to Jesus about it.I got use to the tradition and the routine of being a Christian but I never had a relationship with God. No children, not married and I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2.

I felt so numb and lost in the world. This is my story of a crisis of faith, brokenness, and Healing. May it encourage you through your difficult circumstances.

Healing Testimonies

To watch the video version of it mingo here or see below. Friday: overwhelmed and I had stitches again. This is my testimony, the short version. I wish I was a better writer and was capable of writing a book on my experiences.

Keep in mind, what I am about to write is but a fraction of my experience. I am a married man and had 3 children. I have been afflicted with being bisexual for years because of being continuously sexually molested as a child. Testimony about the healing miracle of God This prayer is a testimony and gratitude for the goodness of God who listened to my prayers and to the prayers of two online prayer groups and helped in healing my granddad.

Greetings Everyone, Three of my toenails were infected with fungi for a long period of time. I have made a decision not to use prescription medication because they have their own negative side effects.

I am 29 years old and this testimony happened when I was

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